Vegetable Stew in coconut paste

After a long time I cooked something interesting. For last few weeks I was just having fruits and veggies without any cooking. I would just pick cucumbers, carrots and other veggies and eat it just as it is or prepare a veggie juice. Today I felt like cooking a vegetable stew with coconut.

Dry Vegetable Stew 

Chopped and Steamed vegetables ( I added beans, cauliflower, capsicum, brinjal, ladies finger, ridge gourd)

Mashed Potatoes

Chopped Onion

Grated Coconut

Chilly and Garlic paste

Salt and Pepper

Dry roast the onion. Add garlic and chilly paste and continue frying. Mix all the steamed vegetables. Grind the coconut to a paste and add it to the stew and mix well. Add little water if required . Switch off gas and then add salt and pepper. Serve it as a meal :).


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