Sweet and Tangy Yellow and Red Salad

Yesterday was a day of successful food experiments. After an interesting soup that I could prepare, it was time for a salad. I had the same veggies – pumpkin, red and yellow bell pepper and few beetroots. I think I had got lot of bell peppers in my last shopping.

The red and yellow was the colour theme for the dinner yesterday. I thought I would just cut and have all the veggies raw. But then I was not sure if my mother and my husband would like raw bell peppers. He doesn’t like raw bell peppers. So I just roasted all the vegetables in my OTG and it was amazing. The roasted tomatoes( I must mention that the tomatoes were from our terrace garden)  gave a sweet taste to the salad. The taste of the pumpkin was going well with the tangy taste of the bell peppers.

Sweet and Tangy Yellow and Red Salad

Sweet and Tangy Yellow and Red Salad

Sweet and Tangy Yellow and Red Salad


Yellow Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper




Roast pumpkin, red bell pepper and yellow bell pepper , tomato, beetroot and onion. Mix all the veggies. Not required to add any salt or any seasoning. It just tasted well without any of them. You might like to add pepper and parsley.

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