Simplifying Life and a Step Closer to Natural Living

Let everyone know, we have taken the path towards the wellness world. On this journey we have been doing few changes in our lifestyle. One of the major changes that we have done for last few months is to reduce our dependency on the modern world equipment, appliances and gadgets.

1) TV This had been the easiest one to be taken out of our home. We were never addicted to TV and infact we never had the time or energy to watch TV even when it was there. There would be weeks when we would not have switched it on. In fact along with renouncing the TV we have renounced reading news papers or online news (exceptions while waiting at the airport :p). This has had a very positive effect. Most of the time, News channels on TV, Print News or online News, shows negative, disturbing news. You open the newspaper and first page will have major depressing news – Gang Rape, Bomb Blast, Stock Crash etc. We have cut off all the sources of such negative news. Now we rely on our group to hear some news which is generally positive – a blind student completing B.Ed. with 81%, forestation happening at friends farm, someone recovering from their ailment, someone completing 10K marathon. These small happy news 🙂

2) Refrigerator – We were initially hesitant how will we manage without a fridge. But we did it and now we don’t miss it. As our eating habits have changed more towards living food, it has become much easier to not use a fridge. The advantage of not using it is that we always eat FRESH. We do not get into this mode of stocking ration, pick random stuff from grocery store which will be lying in the cupboard for months. We do not buy any of those sauces like soya sauce, mustard sauce etc which needs to be stored in fridge. I remember when we were using fridge we would just buy and it would be kept in the fridge without being used for long time infact sometimes it would cross its expiry date too.

We buy fruits and vegetables only for one or two days usage. So there is no wastage. We do not buy and store and it was not unusual for it to get rotten and finally thrown away even when stored in fridge.

We cook only that much which can be consumed for that meal. So no stale food for next meal and also no wastage. Earlier we would cook more with the thought that even it doesn’t get consumed we can store in the refrigerator but eventually most of the time we used to throw it as we did not want to eat the same thing for two continuous meals, or some sudden plan to go out and eat, etc.

3) Washing Machine – Yes we got rid of the Washing machine too! I feel liberated :). There was so much dependency on the washing machine. It was a difficult thought to throw it out of our life. Now I use my hands to wash all our clothes. It is actually therapeutic if you do not think of it as too much work. 😉 . Its also fun on weekends to wash bedsheet and other heavy clothes together with your spouse :P. And saves so much water.

So no TV, no Washing Machine and this is how our Fridge is used 😀

But what are the effects of giving up on these three modern appliances? By the way in our kitchen except mixer grinder and an oven (not microwave) we do not have any other appliances. Oven is rarely used, may be once in 6 months. Mixer is used only for making vegetable juices. We have started using Sil-Batta for making chutney and masala.

So, what are the effects?

Liberation – At one point of time we were too dependent on these modern machines as if we can’t do anything without their presence. Now their absence is not felt.

Only positive information and discussion – Happy, Happy, Happy 🙂

No Electricity, No Problem

One step closer to Natural Living – Fresh and Living Food, Work by Hand, Sleep on Time, A balance of Light and Darkness

Self Care, Health Care & Earth Care

9 thoughts on “Simplifying Life and a Step Closer to Natural Living”

    • @Prateek I got it from my hometown. I am not sure where you would get in Bangalore. Will try to find and let you know.

  1. hey, a great initiative. tough one i would say. how come you guys manage without a washing machine. wouldn’t you end up using a lot of your time washing clothes?

  2. heyy pri…its youu…we met at Shobi’s place…:))great to read all this….wonderfull wonderfull…yes, me too would love to know where you got the sil batta from…love, gayathri

    • Yes remember Gayathri :). Thanks a lot. Sil batta I got from my home town

  3. This is awesome Priyanka! This is the ideal way of living. We have become too dependent on our ‘modern’ lifestyle. The main excuse I have for not following a gadget free life is that by doing all chores manually, I will never have the time to pursue my hobbies. It’s great that you guys can balance it so well! 🙂

    • Thanks Rinal. Yes it is a little difficult to get rid off the gadgets on which we have been dependent. For us also initially when we thought we felt it would be difficult but once we started we were able to manage it :).

  4. a good initiative priyanka , i am highly motivated by u.I was also diagnosed by hypothyroidism 6 years back and since then my doses had been increasing , but after learning about the similar way of living life as u r , my health conditions improved a lot. 4 years back i had sold off my washing machine and i had recently bought a sil batta for making chutneys and a long list to get rid off……………

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