Earth Care : Self Care is Health Care is Earth Care

Our beloved mentor Late Dr Vijaya Venkat from The Health Awareness Center always used to quote “Self Care is Health Care is Earth Care“.  As she guided us to focus on Self Care, the other elements that is Health Care and Earth Care automatically fell in place.

For last two years when we started having more of fruits and vegetables the wet waste at home started increasing exponentially. We were already doing composting but the size of our Khamba was not enough for the amount of wet waste we were generating.

We started experimenting different ways of managing all the wet waste which was coming out of our kitchen – vegetable pulp after making vegetable juice, fruit peels, vegetable peels. If you analyze the waste under the categories mentioned before, you will find that not all the fruit peels are similar in nature – some are citrus (oranges, lemons), some are pulpy (papaya peels), some are dry (custard apple), some are hard and watery (watermelon) .

Similarly vegetable peels are also very different according to their structure and their water content – peels of avarekaayi , togarekayi are dry, peels of pumpkin looks dry but when put in compost it releases water, peels of beetroot, cucumber etc. has lot of water content. We hardly generate any cooked waste but most of that will also have water content.

Since we were generating a lot of variety we decided to handle each type differently.

Below I will keep adding links to the different ways we are using our wet waste(It is not apt to call it a waste actually. It is not waste. )

Fruit Peel Bio Enzyme



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