Raw Pumpkin Salad

Learning about natural, raw and wholesome food has been a journey for me. I have started enjoying cooking. Actually its not cooking as nothing is cooked. Everything is Raw or Steamed!

Raw vegetables are more nutritious than cooked one. Vegetables when cooked especially when fried lose their nutrition value and also lose life. Raw vegetables are full of life. 

Raw Pumpkin Salad

I never ever had pumpkin either raw or cooked before I started my journey towards a natural and holistic living. I had never imagined eating a raw pumpkin before I tried this yummy salad.

This is one of my favourite salads. The roasted peanuts add to the crunchiness of the grated pumpkin. The sweet dates and the sour lime and ginger juice combines to a tangy dressing. I have completely stopped consuming sugar and use dates or jaggery for anything sweet. I prefer dates over jaggery as jaggery is more processed food compared to the dates.

Raw Pumpkin Salad


1 yellow pumpkin

roasted peanuts

green chillies

coriander leaves


lemon juice

ginger juice

rock salt

Peel the pumpkin. Be careful while peeling it as the skin is quite hard. Grate the pumpkin. This is the only work which takes most of your time and energy. Phew. Add finely chopped green chillies, roasted peanuts, finely chopped coriander leaves, rock salt and a squeeze of lemon. In a separate bowl take few dates and boil it in water and leave it in the hot water till it becomes soft. Blend it to a paste with little ginger. Add it to the grated pumpkin. 

I am not very good with measurements. So I just add as per my taste. You can be creative and add the ingredients according to your taste.

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