The Heavy Dinner and Morning Hunger Pangs

I was out for a shadow theatre performance yesterday. The theme was on Gender Bias. It was a wonderful show followed by a good discussion by the first year of students of SRISHTI college.

Shadow Theater

It was quite late in the night while we were returning and were quite hungry. We stopped at a North Indian joint “Mast Kalandar” as one of our friend really wanted to have the food there. I could not resist yesterday and ordered Aloo Paratha made out of wheat. I was having wheat after 5 months. The paratha wasn’t that good but it was heavy and filling.

My Body:

I had a good night sleep and when I woke up early in the morning I was starving. My stomach was really churning asking for food. Normally I do not have these hunger pangs when I have a light no grain dinner of salads , soups or fruits.

My Understanding:

For last few months I have started listening to my body. I feel I can understand my body better now. Atleast I am trying to understand. I think when I have a heavy meal in the dinner, the body needs more energy to digest the food as compared to when I have a dinner of salads and soups. It looks like all the energy got used up in digesting the dinner yesterday. Hence the body needs more energy and is trying to indicate me by giving me hunger pangs. Yeah I am talking to my body. 🙂

Oh, so the body was busy working hard the whole night digesting the food. The main function of the body in the night is repair and maintenance. The healing takes place in the night when we are sleeping. But it had to prioritize the digestion of food first.

And hence if every night we have a heavy dinner, the body skips its main role of repair and maintenance.


  • Try not to have heavy dinner regularly.
  • If you are having heavy dinner once in a while, try to have some salad and have a lemon shot after the dinner.

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