Extra Celebration


Sharing is Caring. I am Sharing this because I Care for you. Someone’s Sharing is a cause of my Extra Celebration today

Another 3 units of reduction in the dosage of insulin injection which I have to take everyday. Every time there is a reduction in my external insulin dosage, its a moment of extra happiness and extra celebration (extra because each moment is a celebration now 🙂 ).

I thank my body each day for healing me. With full trust and faith on my body’s healing power I have been giving it space, time and energy which it deserves and requires. “Creating time-energy-space within yourself and your surroundings is required to get closer to the living force within you” – The Health Awareness Center

I remember that day when I was diagnosed with two Autoimmune conditions Type 1 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. I did not even know what autoimmune meant at that time. I was told that my body’s insulin producing beta cells would be gone in few weeks and if it doesn’t go in few weeks it will for sure be gone in a year’s time and in that case it would be diagnosed as LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults). And here I am 2.5 years down the line with my insulin producing cells reviving back.

My strong intentions of not being dependent on external insulin for lifetime was heard by the Universe and in a series of events I got in touch with an angel and my mentor in form of Late Dr Vijaya Venkat who guided me through out. We are either not aware or if we are aware we do not realise the power of food on our body and mind. We underestimate the power of nature’s bounty in the form of fruits and vegetables.
For last 2 years my food habits has changed and mind you its not any ‘DIET’. For me now its a way of living. I have seen a lot of good effects of changing my food on myself and around me. I have been eating more fruits and vegetables under the guidance of the experts ( If you are diabetic or any chronic conditions, please do not follow as is. Please do it under guidance of experts).

In one year’s time I was healed of Hypothyroidism and I was off medicine. Yes I can hear you that Thyroid issues are for lifetime and you have to be on medicine for the whole life but in my case its disproved. And I wonder which of the diseases are not for lifetime – Blood Pressure? Diabetes? Heart Conditions?

So as soon as the body got energy in the form of good food ( fruits and vegetables), the body started healing. But all this while I neglected the space and time which it required. A series of events led me towards giving myself time and space in terms of slowing down in life, spending more time with myself and working towards health in all (As Dr Venkat said Health is not just our body. It means a healthy relationship with SELF, a healthy relationship with OUR BODY, healthy relationship with FAMILY, a healthy relationship with SOCIETY, a healthy relationship with NATURE). The Natural Laws has been unfolding itself through our day to day activities and choices.

All in all for last 7 months the body has started rejuvenating and started healing. At one point of time I had to take 60 units of insulin and now over a period of last 7 months it has come down to 26 units of insulin.

This is just one of the good effects of following a lifestyle which is closer to nature and not away from it.

When consciously chosen, with awareness, our lifestyles can become a bridge between how we nurture ourselves and how Nature intended us to be. In other words, putting the connection back between Ishwar Buddhi and Manushya Buddhi or Nature’s inherent intelligence and human beings understanding.” – Dr Vijaya Venkat

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