Earth Care: Fruit Peel Bio Enzyme

This post is in continuation to the Self Care is Health Care is Earth Care.

Our fruit consumption is pretty high. We eat more than 1 kg fruits every morning as breakfast. It is obvious that it generates a lot of fruit peels. Below is one of the ways how we use citrus fruit peels.

Using citrus peels we started making fruit peel bio enzyme which can be used as cleaning solutions. Fruit peel bio enzyme has got hundreds of use. We typically use it for washing utensils, floor cleaner and cleaning sink drainage. (You can search online for many other uses of bio enzymes).

One of the other interesting aspect of bio enzyme is that 1 litre of bio enzyme can clean 1000 litres of water. These will be very effective in lakes if we start pouring these bio enzymes at community level.

We had already started taking our hands off chemical laden stuffs at home like cleaning solution, soaps, washing powders etc. .  Now we can make the no chemical, all natural cleaning solutions at home.

Anyone can make this at home. You just need to eat lot of fruits (Self Care and Health Care), collect the peels and keep the peels in a solution of water and jaggery in a bottle (Earth Care). And then wait for 3 months. Below is a simple step by step guide to make the Fruit Peel Bio Enzymes at home.

Here is what you need:

  • Citrus fruit peels (You can use any fruit peel. We have used banana and papaya peels too along with oranges and lemons. Infact you can also use vegetable peels. )
  • Jaggery
  • Water
  • Bottle or a wide mouthed container

For preparing the bio enzyme, peels to jaggery to water ratio should be 3:1:10 . For making 1 litre bio enzyme you will need 300 grams peels, 100 grams jaggery and 1 litre water. Just remember not to use 1 litre bottle because total volume of peels, jaggery and water will be more than 1 litre.

For the steps below we have used a 2 litre bottle with around 400 grams of fruit peels, 150 grams jaggery and 1.5 litre of water. Please vary the quantity according to the container size.

Step by Step Fruit Peel Bio Enzymes Recipe :

Step 1: Collect orange and lemon peels.

Citrus Peels

Step 2: Weigh the collected peels to ensure you have enough peels to make the required amount of bio enzymes.

Fruit Peels

Step 3: Weigh jaggery according to the amount required for the bio enzymes. Break the jaggery into small pieces so that it can be dissolve into water easily.

Step 4: Heat the water and add jaggery into it. Keep stirring until the jaggery dissolves fully. Once the jaggery solution is ready let it cool down to room temperature.

Step 5: While it cools down, fill the bottle with the peels.

Step 6: Once jaggery solution comes to room temperature, pour it into the bottle.

Step 7: Our work gets over here and the micro organisms start working.

While they are at work there will be lot of gas formation. If you are using a bottle like we have used which has a small opening  you will have to open the bottle everyday atleast 2 times to release the gas. Be careful while opening the bottle as sometimes there is too much gas. Everytime you open the bottle just give it a gentle shake and re-release the gas.

If you are using wide mouth container then the gas will get released automatically. In a wide mouth container you will see white fungus/mold growing on the top layer. They grow in presence of oxygen. All you need to do is to stir it so that it mixes in the solution.

The gas formation can start as early as day 2 and will go on till about 30 days and there won’t be any gas formation later. In the beginning you will see that the fruit peels will be floating on the top. After about 30-45 days peels will sink to the bottom and the colour of the solution changes to orange as the orange and lemon peels gets decomposed.

 Step 8:  After 3 months the bio enzymes should be ready.

Sieve the liquid and put the pulp in your compost bin. It will take about 2 weeks for the pulp to decompose. Store the liquid in a bottle and its ready to use.

In the picture below the red coloured bio enzymes are made out of vegetable peels and the orange ones are made of orange and lemon peels.

Refer to the below links to know more about the usage and the ratio in which bio-enzyme needs to be diluted:

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  1. I am just wondering instead of jaggery and water if the peels are soaked in a bottle filled with sugarcane juice, how effective would it be.

  2. please share expirience of using bioenzye. Did you manage to replace all your cleaners and washing powders?

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