10 Minutes Dates and Peanut Ladoo

Yesterday night I was having cravings for sweet. My dear husband had been telling me for last one week that he would treat me with a good vegan dessert but is being too lazy to take me out. My cravings were too┬áirresistible and he was too lazy to move out. I was quite energetic after having an early dinner and thought of preparing something which wouldn’t take much time. I am not too fond of cooking. That is one more reason why I love living on fruits and raw vegetables.

I love peanut ladoos. But then I did not have that much patience to melt the jaggery, boil it and then cool it and then make ladoo. I wanted to have something which could be made in jiffy. I had some dates, so thought of replacing jaggery with dates. I had never had dates and peanut ladoo. I roasted the peanuts. And then I thought why not add some almonds and sesame too. I roasted peanuts, almonds and sesame. I deseeded the dates and just blended it in the mixer. I crushed the nuts and then mixed it with the dates.

And then just make ladoos out of the mixture. It just took 10 minutes to do everything and healthy too. ­čÖé

Dates and Peanut Ladoo

Dates and Peanut Ladoo 





Roast peanuts, sesame and almonds. Blend dates. Crush the roasted nuts. Mix it with blended dates. And Done No boiling and cooling of Jaggery.

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