Wellness Unlimited is an attempt to nurture a community of people who have started on a journey of wellness. There are different schools of thought and there will always be points of conflict but the hope is that the ‘Collective Wisdom‘ of the community will surpass the differences. Then there is the Network Of Trust we build as there is not evidence backing a lot of things being proposed.

The larger goals for the community are:

1. To question everything, every authority, every expert, every notion that comes our way and not be mere followers. Be practitioners rather.
2. To be able to #TryForYourself anything that is proposed. Not to believe one way or other unless you have tried. The process of self verification is key.

3. Understand the language of the body better. What is it that the body is trying to communicate with the quality of hunger pangs, sleep, bowel health, etc. What do the cravings actually mean?

4. Try to find the common ground, like there is no dispute about fruits being good for human beings. Build on such things rather than engaging in conflicts.

The discussions are largely on the Google Group currently and a lot of the sharing happens over the Wellness Page. The community is growing organically and let’s see where this goes.

NOTE: Anything you try or do is with the complete understanding that you are completely responsible for the outcome. The people are here merely sharing their experiences. They are by no means experts unless explicitly mentioned. Please use discretion when seeking advice or trying anything.